Preventing your house from getting too hot should be your first priority. Make sure it’s properly insulated, draught-proof, shaded and ventilated. An extensive range of insulation products are readily available to help ensure your home maximises its environmental potential.

    Permastop Bld Blanket 55mmx1200mm x 15m RollInsulation
    Pink Batts Ceiling R3.5 430mm x 1160mm Pkt 16Insulation
    Pink Batts Ceiling R3.5 580mm x 1160mm Pkt 10Insulation
    Pink Batts Wall R1.5 430mm x 1160mm pkt 24Insulation
    Pink Batts Wall R1.5 580mm x 1160mm pkt 24Insulation
    Titantuff Breather Wall Wrap 1350x30 Mtr RollInsulation
    Titantuff Breather Wall Wrap 1350x60 Mtr RollInsulation